American Socialists

America's Socialist Party

The 2016 presidential campaign has passed. It is time to consider 2020. The Democrats have discovered what happens when they spurn progressives and liberals. So, when the next Bernie Sanders emerges upon the scene, more people will take notice.

Do not be relegated to a vast employee-based under-class,
which is controlled by a micro-class of employer-based overlords.

Become part of a strong, vibrant and free middle-class!

Demand Socialist Reform

But, remember: When this clock times out, your economic fate will be sealed for at least another four (4) more years.

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Socialist Reform

It was Socialism that grew America's middle-class
from the 1930s into the 1970s;
since then, capitalism has been destroying America's middle-class.

What is Socialism?

Socialism is nothing more than "working-class" politics.
Socialism ensures wealth is distributed fairly among all workers.

Are You a Socialist?

Everyone who has to work and wants fair wages for the work they do are Socialists. Socialism protects workers' investment of time and labor.

Subsidized Income

A minimum wage law is required under capitalism because workers are under-paid to subsidize executive over-pay. Socialism uses a progressive tax system to enforce an executive maximum wage, which ensures a middle-class income for everyone.

Economic Safety-nets

Capitalism does not provide enough jobs for everyone living within the economy. Socialism taxes over-paid employers to fund government programs that care for under-paid employees and those who are denied access to work.

Popular Socialist Programs in America

Socialist Program

Public Safety

Police & Fire

Publicly funded Police and Fire protection are examples of socialized institutions that serve the entire community.

Socialist Program

Safety Nets

Social Security, Workmen's Compensation & Unemployment Insurance

Social Security, Workmen's Compensation and Unemployment benefits are examples of socialized economic safety-nets.

Socialist Program


Public Libraries, Schools & Colleges

Nearly every American has benefited from a socialized education in America, from the local public library to the public school, state colleges or federal and state education grants.

Socialist Program

Public Roads

Highways & Biways

Freely accessible public roads and highways were built by socialized funding. And, the mass-transit systems found in every major metro center in America are socialized programs too.

Austerity or Socialism

Capitalists bribed congressmen to lower taxes on the wealthiest citizens.

Reduced taxes created an incentive for Capitalists to hoard corporate profits,
which led to reduced wages and benefits for the workforce.

Congress now wants to introduce austerity measures (reduced social services) on the lower paid workforce
to bring social costs in line with the reduced tax pool.

Contact your congressman. Demand a return to socialism.

To regrow the Middle Class, insist that Congress again raise taxes on the wealthy.